October 1st 2018, birds were singing and the smell of success was in the air. Total Fandom had evolved, like how Pikachu evolves into Raichu, into something newer, bigger and better (whilst still retaining all the good stuff from before).

Once, Total Fandom was The Target Reference Podcast – a wildly popular but simple podcast.

Everyone on the list below has contributed to our success either by parting with their hard earned cash and subscribing to our Patreon campaign, giving their time as a guest on our podcast or by producing some amazing content for our loyal visitors.

To join these wonderful human beings and be immortalised forever (or at least until we forget to pay our hosting bill) then join us on Patreon.

Dan Hopkinson / Andrew Jinman / Neil Stevens / Ben Elford / Bobby Tilley / Chris Hunt / Garry Barter / Hannah Fleming-Hill / Xander Tilley / Giz Edwards / Jordan Barkway / Rob Wick