Tony Stark was the first superhero we met before the MCU even existed and he did not disappoint in his first solo outing. Robert Downey Jr played him so magnificently, we struggle to see if there’s a difference between him and the character itself.

It was such spectacular casting that elements of the Tony Stark character from the comics almost mirrored Robert Downey Jr’s personal life. On top of all of this he wasn’t even first choice for the role and at the time was on the outs with Hollywood. Incredible to believe that just a few short years later he was the MCU golden boy.

Tony Stark Mentoring Peter Parker in Homecoming

Normally when you think of Superhero magic movie moments, we want to see epic and dramatic fights with a compelling bad guy. But the moment when Peter messes up and in his frustration takes his anger out on what seems to be an empty Iron Man suit takes the spot.

When Tony Stark leaves the suit and lectures Peter Parker about the dangers of his job and how seriously he needs to take the powers he has, he gives off the air of a Father-figure passing on the tricks of the trade. Knowing that Tony only recently learnt the lesson that being a hero isn’t what powers you have, it’s the conviction to do good from within. 

Tony shows the tough love both he and Peter needed to hear and it’s an absolutely humbling moment to see him grow through his troubles.

I love you 3000

One of the warmest and endearing things about Endgame was seeing Tony getting to become a father, after having troubles with his own in the past. This is something he clearly wished to be for a long time, but had his doubt at whether he’d be good at it. The line he uses when being a cherishing and devoted father to his Daughter Morgan had everyone emotionally broken. Especially Garry.

Seeing Peter Parker return after the Snap

The ending of ‘Infinity War’ became emotional for many reasons, the fact bad guy won and half the universe was lost was pretty devastating and almost unheard of in an MCU movie. But nothing was as hard as the gut wrenching moment when Peter Parker got blipped before Tony’s eyes.  

So when we get to see the blipped characters reunite with Peter at the final battle with Thanos and his armies, we had a lot of emotions. No dry eyes existed as they came together for a hug after Tony knew he did all he could to protect Peter and see him live once more.

Ending The Battle of New York

After seeing Tony’s arrogance, charisma and overwhelming technology propel him to becoming Iron Man, the famed hero and new avenger in the first two movies. Once the Avengers assemble – we find out that he and the others don’t really play all that well. Captain America even goes as far to say “You’re not the guy to make the sacrifice play, to lay down on a wire and let the other guy crawl over you.”

By the end of the Movie, to save the world from Loki and the Chitauri, he diverts the Nuke launched by the World Security Council through the Tesseract portal and blows up the Chitauri Command Ship. This, in turn, collapses the portal and ends the invasion, but nearly costing him his own life. Take that back, Rodgers?!

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Tony Stark’s death was one of the most gut-wrenching moments in the MCU by far. Tony truly proved himself to be a hero once again when he sacrificed his life to save the entire universe, after doing the same for Earth years earlier in the Battle of New York.

While Iron Man may have not always been the purest hero, he has always wanted to do the right thing and save the lives and the world he lives in. It was devastating to see him die, and especially to see that in front of the people who loved him.