Born James Howlett and otherwise known as Logan or Weapon X, Wolverine has become an iconic member of the X-Men and the series of Marvel movies made by 20th Century Fox. It is almost entirely down to the fantastic acting of Hugh Jackman, a man who had embodied and truly understood the character over the past 10+ years.

There have been moments where the character development and storyline choices made for Wolverine have certainly left something to be desired. But Jackman’s dedication to the part has put him on a level with Robert Downey Jr. Making Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of ‘The Wolverine’ the definitive option. As with RDJ and Iron Man, it’s sometimes hard to tell where the actor ends and the character begins.

But, we know Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men will soon make their debut in the MCU. Whether that’s in some alternate universe shenanigans or some other equally plausible storyline, here’s some choices for actors that could play the MCU version.

Zac Effron

Where You’ve Seen Him – High School Musical, The Greatest Showman

Perhaps not the first choice, Zac Effron is somewhat known for High School Musical and being ripped. But when Hugh Jackman was first cast he was mainly known for his work as a musical actor too. And the iconic Wolverine physique didn’t really happen until X-Men 2.

In recent times, Effron has proven his acting ability and his comic timing too. His turn alongside Hugh Jackman in ‘The Greatest Showman’ is further evidence to suggest that he is a natural successor.

Dafne Keen


Where You’ve Seen Her – Logan, His Dark Materials

Taking on the mantle from Hugh Jackman in the last (for now) Wolverine film Dafne Keen could be a character unlike anything we’ve seen in the MCU so far. She would be one of the youngest actors to take on such an iconic role which could lead to some exciting storytelling options in the future.

There would also be some inevitable, and entirely unneccessary, complaints from whingy purists about turning Wolverine into a woman “for the sake of it”. However, this doesn’t change our opinion, this could be an awesome choice of actor.

Daniel Radcliffe

Where You’ve Seen Him – Harry Potter

Another choice for a younger take on The Wolverine comes from Daniel Radcliffe. However, there’s a risk that his role as ‘The Boy Who Lived’ may prove to be too much of a distraction. But it’s also entirely possible to move from one icon character and movie series, to another.

Daniel has been very selective with his roles since leaving ‘Harry Potter’ so he’s not totally overexposed and he’s proven in mutiple roles since then that he’s capable on the emotion and angst needed to play Weapon X.

Henry Cavil

Where You’ve Seen Him – Superman, The Witcher

No longer burdened with being Superman, Henry Cavil is the popular choice for Wolverine. Closer in age to The Wolverine from the comics means that the MCU version can still take inspiration from the major storylines and use Wolverine alongside the rest of The Avengers as a leader/older character.

The only possible problems with Henry Cavil is his look, he’s a bit too handsome, certainly too tall (for some fans) and in our opinion, not enough of a departure from the Logan character perfected by Hugh Jackman.

Karl Urban

Where You’ve Seen Him – Thor: Ragnarok, The Boys

Fast becoming an underrated, talented character actor – Karl Urban has an opportunity to put a different spin on the established Wolverine character. In fact, his character on ‘The Boys’ is already very Logan-esque.

He’s also a proven comedic talent, we think it would be really interesting to see a Wolverine with a little less baggage and some more personality.