It’s been rumoured for a while now and recent developments have confirmed what a lot of fans have been waiting for – Buffy The Vampire Slayer is coming back. And even better news is that it’s being written by Monica Owusu-Breen and produced by Joss Whedon.

It has been all but confirmed that this new version will likely be a sequel – set around 20 years in the future. The original show was widely praised for its ability to merge real life issues seamlessly with fighting vampires and monsters whilst tackling important social issues of the time.

Now, it should be said that writer Monica has promised that the show won’t be recasting any of the original characters. In that case (and just for fun) here’s our picks if we were to recast the main members of The Scooby Gang.

Buffy Summers – Vanessa Hudgens

Where You’ve Seen Her – High School Musical, Spring Breakers

Probably a controversial pick to start with – we know. But, this could be an inspired bit of casting. Vanessa Hudgens has proved she’s got an edgy side from when she was cast in the Spring Breakers Film (side note – Spring Breakers is bat-shit crazy but really cool).

She’s also proved her ability to be a bad ass in Sucker Punch. And we know she can sing – which will come in handy for the inevitable remake of the musical episode.

Xander Harris – Robert Sheehan

Where You’ve Seen Him – Misfits, Mortal Instruments

This one might be a little more for the English fans, Robert Sheehan has a bit of a cult following from his time in Misfits and has also appeared in a film with Ron Weasley (Cherrybomb – another crazy but awesome film).

He’s got proven comedic and acting chops from his time on both of the previous shows/films and, let’s be honest – he’s a handsome man. Ticks all of the Xander boxes, right?

Willow Rosenberg – Bonnie Wright

Where You’ve Seen Her – Harry Potter

Bonnie Wright hasn’t done a lot of acting since Harry Potter and was largely known for being an innocent but feisty character that was in love with the main protagonist of the movie.

Now tell me that there isn’t a more perfect option for recasting Willow Rosenberg – also, she’s a redhead too.

Rupert Giles – Jerome Flynn

Where You’ve Seen Him – Soldier Soldier, Game Of Thrones

After a brilliantly sweary and gruff turn as Bron in Game Of Thrones I’m casting Jerome Flynn so he can bring a little more grizzled veteran performance to Giles.

Let’s not forget, whilst Giles tends to stay out of the action when he does get involved he can be a total badass. To be effective you need an actor that can provide help, support, emotional guidance and a healthy dose of demon killing on the side.

Cordelia Chase – Bella Thorne

Where You’ve Seen Her – The DUFF, The Babysitter

Bella Thorne, otherwise known as the bad girl in almost everything she’s in. She’s the perfect Cordelia. Beautiful (and she knows it), Popular and a prime candidate for a sweet redemption arc by the end of series 2.

If I had my way I’d probably have her join the Scoobys under duress (as in the original), repeatedly spurn the advances of Xander all the way through series 1 before revealing her true feelings towards Willow mid-way through series 2.

Spike – Dove Cameron

Where You’ve Seen Her – Liv and Maddie, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D

My only choice for a gender swap is Spike. In my reboot I’m keeping Spike as an underlying threat throughout the whole story and taking away the romantic storyline that was so wildly hated entirely.

The Supergirl TV series has proven that audiences can finally take a female villain seriously and Dove Cameron has proven her villainous tendencies in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Angel – Will Poulter

Where You’ve Seen Him – Son Of Rambow, We’re The Millers

Another controversial choice but one I’m convinced will be a good change for a rebooted Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

I would have this version of Angel be attempting to atone for his previous actions a lot sooner than they did in the original series and possibly have him posing as a High School student with all the others.

If anything I’d pull a classic bait-and-switch where the Scooby Gang work with Spike for the whole first series as they (and the audience) think Angel is the big bad, until Spike reveals her true identity and intentions.