Marvel’s first family has never quite worked on the big screen. The early 2000’s version got the closest, whilst the latest attempt by Fox missed the mark by a large margin. The Fantastic Four and the characters that are associated with them have got huge potential within the larger MCU.

In fact, The Fantastic Four may have already secretly been introduced as the new Baxter Building could already be in New York. We still don’t know who has bought the old Avengers Tower and The Fantastic Four could add to the growing number of Marvel heroes and villains making The Big Apple their home.

Reed Richards / Mr Fantastic – John Krasinski

Where You’ve Seen Him – The American Office, A Quiet Place

It’s difficult to pick anyone else for the role, John Krasinski has already expressed an interest in becoming Mr Fantastic and he really does already look the part. In addition, his role in the ‘Jack Reacher’ series has proven his action credentials.

Krasinski can really grow into the leading man role that is somewhat missing from the MCU with the departure of Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans. It would also be very cool to see the real life couple portray the fictional couple on the big screen.

Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman – Emily Blunt

Where You’ve Seen Her – Mary Poppins, A Quiet Place

Emily Blunt is another, obvious choice for the role of Sue Storm. Originally offered the part of Black Widow, Emily becoming a Marvel superhero has seemed an inevitability for years now.

Her role in ‘A Quiet Place’ and  portrayal of Mary Poppins further cements her ability to take on the role of The Invisible Woman and, like we said above, it would be awesome to see the natural chemistry between her and John Krasinski transfer to the MCU.

Johnny Storm / Human Torch – Dave Franco

Where You’ve Seen Him – Now You See Me, 21 Jump Street

Human Torch was one of the roles that was a success in the 2000’s version of The Fantastic Four. Dave Franco has fantastic comic timing but can be relied on for the super serious moments too.

Franco is still young enough to play an arrogant, pain-in-the-arse version of Johnny Storm that will have plenty of room to grow and mature over the years. In fact, it could even be possible for him and Peter Parker to become rivals or friends before they discover each others secret identities.

Ben Grimm / The Thing – Alan Tudyk

Where You’ve Seen Him – Firefly, Rogue One

A beloved actor (and voice) that has appeared in multiple fandoms to date, an appearance in the MCU seems inevitable for Alan Tudyk. He’s a quieter and more reserved choice for The Thing than we’ve seen in the past but we don’t really need another rampaging, good-guy monster right now. Ben Grimm has always been in control of his powers, unlike The Hulk.

Victor Von Doom / Doctor Doom – Pedro Pascal

Where You’ve Seen Him – Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian

Victor Von Doom walks the line between superhero and villain before his ultimate descent into villainy. Casting him as a charming, yet morally ambiguos, tech genius in direct competition with Reed Richards is clearly the way to go.

In any previous movies, Doctor Doom has never got to be in control of his own country. This is the most interesting part of his character as it gives endless storytelling options and gives him multiple reasons to interact with lots of the other Avengers.