Fellow Adventurers, gather ‘round and listen close. The Dungeons are a scary place and filled with mythical creatures from legend. But never fear, not all creatures are as big and ugly as they seem, for some like to hide and skulk in darkness, whilst others drop down from the ceilings on unsuspecting prey. Some even disguise themselves as the very thing you came in to loot, the valuable treasure chest.

Sit tight and listen in, we’ll let you know how to spot and recognise a mimic the next time you’re in a dungeon.

What are they?

mimic chest in dungeon

Mimics are creatures that live under the ground and hate the light. They usually like to look like stone or wood, and mimic things in dungeons such as doors, chests and stonework. In fact, anything that is an inanimate object they’ll usually turn into.

Think of every object in a dungeon as Shrodinger’s. It’s both an object and a mimic until proven otherwise, so make sure you know how to recognise them!

What do they do?

Mimics usually disguise themselves as these objects to await for unsuspecting dungeon dwellers and crawlers to try and open them, before reaching out with it’s bludgeoning pseudopod (like a really hard tongue.) They also secrete super strong, sticky adhesives, to trap it’s victims close to it’s form as it beats them close to death, before presumably gobbling them all up quickly and quietly. Breaking the adhesive is hard work, but is eased with rubbing alcohol.

Mimics are large creatures that weigh a tonne. Well, about two metric tonnes. That’s about the weight of a rhinoceros or eight blacksmith anvils. With something so heavy landing on you from a great height, you’d be squashed like a pulp.

Don’t think that mimics can’t grow in size. They can be disguised as anything, meaning that a tiny chest on a wooden floor, could be a whole mimic. So tread with caution and a bit of paranoia in dungeons, as they could get you at any time.

Are they intelligent?

Mimic disguised as a coffin

Mimics don’t usually go over the sort of animalistic, predator instincts most creatures and animals have, some do evolve over time to gain greater intelligence and cunning. Some learn to speak common phrases in common or under-common, allowing people to pass by unharmed for a donation of some kind.

How to recognise them?

Mimic Chest with tongue out

Ways to creatively find and fight a mimic are as follows:

Search for living creatures in the area, so let your paladin, wizard or bards find these pesky creatures before your barbarian or rogue gets forced into its mouth!

Throw rocks at objects from afar before opening them, or poke them with a stick – anything that doesn’t get you near them first.

Let the Barbarian have a go. They don’t get to play with chests or doors often so let them hit them with whatever is close to hand

Are mimics valuable?

mimic chest fighting an adventurer

Mimics blood is an ingredient for a polymorph potion, meaning yes, they can be an effective money making solution. As well as their blood, their internal organs are used to make potions in the Forgotten Realms, just know your market and you can make gold from anything.

Just weigh up the risk and take appropriate precautions within the dungeons or you may just end up finding yourself as it’s next meal.