The Cybermen are the single most cold, calculating villain from the Doctor Who universe. Their original aim is to convert all life in the universe to be like them, so there is no more suffering. A noble yet morally skewed goal, making them a universally frightening baddie.

In the event of a Cyberman invasion or a mad-tech billionaire trying to get us to have implants placed in our bodies, we reveal the top things you need to know about Cybermen (so we avoid our own destruction!)

No Morality

These metallic monstrosities have no emotion and no sense of moral compass (once fully converted). The life form they once were, has more than likely been re-programmed and no longer exists. Unless the plot requires them to overthrow their programming.

So, if you are ever cornered, your best bet is to run as fast as you can. And whatever you do… don’t run in a straight-line. Because you want to get as far away from the Cyberman as you possibly can without being “deleted”. Conversion is a painful process, and recovery is only an option if you are James Corden.

Unlimited Upgrades

Cybermen are the race that could become unbeaten in the world. They have the ability to adapt after making mistakes, so every encounter with one will make the remaining stronger (if you haven’t destroyed them all). Not only that, the more life-forms they assimilate, the stronger they become. They always find a way to become compatible, including assimilating time-lords that can regenerate!

How do you kill them all you may ask? Traditional weapons have little effect, so unless you have a planet destroying super-weapon laying around or you are a time-traveling god, keep your super programmer, genius friend around. They might be able to deactivate a few emotional inhibitors and watch the scene explode into chaos.

Who they like the most

Cybermen take over bodies with the parts that work or function still, yet we’ve seen them focus on specific members of our households. Ideally, they want children as they are the most programmable, their minds moldable and have the most room for imagination.

Imagine if a Cyberman became upgraded with all the superpowers your kids wish they could have.

How do they come into being?

The original ‘Mondasian’ Cybermen were created by the people of Mondas (a planet similar to Earth), as a way to prolong their life and survive on their rapidly inhospitable planet. Eventually more and more civilisations attempted to survive like they had, yet somewhere along the line – the programming became mandatory.

Alongside the ‘Mondasian’ Cybermen were the ‘Cybus Industries’ Cybermen. These originated on an alternative Earth where rich tech billionaire John Lumic convinced society it was safe to wear earpieces that eerily downloaded information from the internet into their head. He then started converting the population into Cybermen to save humanity from itself.

Hive-mind mentality

Cybermen are all neurally linked, meaning if you are spotted by one, you are known by all. Everything is logged into a database and remembered forever. So you are left with an enemy that can keep evolving, harvesting knowledge and that knows your strengths, and more importantly your weaknesses.